OPINION: How SBMM has killed Cold War

The hype that surrounded the new Call of Duty was something that had even non Call of Duty gamers excited. Though it launched, it was not what fans were looking for. There were so many bugs in the game to start off, the game was again run by an MP5 meta, a meta that has quickly run off because of the absolute brokenness of the Mac-10. It seems that every month, there is something new in the game that is not what the community is looking for. So what’s next? Could Cold War possibly turn into a shotgun meta? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, the game is dying. 

So many of the people I play with have a hard time playing the game because of one big thing. SBMM. Any gamer knows what this is and how much it changes how much fun you have. I remember when Fortnite started with Skill Based Matchmaking. I played through it every single day over quarantine and I wanted to quit so bad, but I couldn’t bring myself to play Warzone. When I finally made the switch back in August to playing Warzone and Modern Warfare pretty much everyday, I found myself having a lot more fun, even though skill based was still there. It wasn’t nearly as heavy as it is now, which is a main component on why people are turning away from Warzone again. Though Warzone SBMM is bad, I don’t think I have ever seen any Skill Based Matchmaking worse than in Cold War. The amount of Sweat in the game is unbearable. You can smell the stench of the sweats through the screen. People haven’t gotten off the game for days and boy oh boy can you tell. It has gotten to a point where the only bearable multiplayer mode is Dirty Bomb and even at that, the game still has its issues. With Activision rushing to get this game out, you could tell on release day that the game felt unfinished. Small aspects were missing and other things just weren’t right. The Flak Jacket Perk was and still is absolutely broken. Weapon leveling took way too damn long. After being fixed, like I mentioned earlier, it still isn’t great. In order to level your guns, you can’t sit back and just level them, you have to sweat like none other and even then, it can take three, four, five games to level your gun just three or four levels. 

All of this mess and you get the current state of Call of Duty: Cold War. Will they ever be able to fix the game and make it semi playable? Can they rebound from the deep hole that they dug themselves into? Honestly who knows. The game needs a lot of work, and with so much stuff already out, I don’t see an end in sight to any problems. So I guess we are gonna have to wait for the next Call of Duty speculated to be coming out sometime in the first half of next year, and maybe, just maybe, they can make playing Call of Duty fun, like we all had on Black Ops II.

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