CDL Pre-Season Run Through

Call of Duty is entering into its second CDL season with its release of Call of Duty: Cold War. In the first season of CDL play, we saw many players rise to the occasion and make names for themselves, while others saw a decline in their performance. It was the first time that the franchise had utilized this format by allowing teams to represent certain cities around the United States and certain countries. In the second season of the Call of Duty League, we will see a few changes to the format as well as the rosters of the organizations participating in the field. 


In the upcoming season, teams will have two significant changes to make. The first being that they ust revert back to the classic 4 v 4 play style for matches. To do so, they will each need to remove one player from their starting rotation. By doing this, the CDL is taking their cumulative player count from 60, down to 48 for this season. This new rule change has created some chaos in the world of CoD and has many teams parting ways with their players and seeing them find new homes elsewhere. The second major formatting change for this season is that players will now be using PCs to power their games rather than PS4s in the previous year, but they will still be expected to play with controllers. For scoring, teams will compete in three home series events that will take place before the Major. Teams will have their seeding determined based upon their play in their home series events. One win will earn a team ten points. Each Major will consist of a double elimination bracket to determine the winner. The top eight teams with the highest scores at the end of the season will qualify for the postseason. 


12. Paris Legion: AquA, Classic, SkrapZ, Fire. Paris Legion comes into our rankings at dead last for a few reasons. First off, this team really did not show us anything that jumped out and screamed clear talent last season and finished 10th last season. They are returning no players and are only offering the league minimum in salary, which is not very enticing when you are trying to build an organization truly out of nothing. Paris Legion comes in at number twelth.

11. Seattle Surge: Octane, Gunless, Prestinni, Loza. I really want to put Surge farther up in the rankings, but I just haven’t seen a lot out of them whether that be from watching last season where they ended up finishing 11th, or watching a few scrims. On paper, I would expect them to have a lot of razzle-dazzle with a trio like Octane, Gunless, and Prestinni, but I am skeptical of how it will shake out. I didn’t put them dead last because I think the addition of Gunless and Prestinni will help them out a little bit. Seattle Surge is ranked at eleventh place in our rankings.

10. Toronto Ultra: Bance, Cammy, CleanX, Methodz. Toronto Ultra is one of, if not the only team, to return their entire starting lineup for this season. They finished seventh overall and sixth at champs last season, which is not something terrible but definitely has some room for improvement. Which brings me back to my first statement, for a team that had a mediocre last season, wouldn’t you want to see some changes? I think that with all of the movement of talent in this league and different styles that are had, people will still know what they are going to get out of Ultra and be prepared. 

9. LA Guerillas: Vivid, Apathy, Assault, SiLLY. Toronto Ultra is my pick to be a team that could sneak into Champs and surprise a lot of people. They pretty much got rid of their entire lineup, except for Vivid, and I think that this change will help them out a lot. Last season, the chemistry never really clicked and they ended up coming in last place. I think that they can catch a few teams by surprise early and get some points on the board, helping them to go on a run. 

8. London Royal Ravens: Seany, Zero, Dylan, Alexx. Coming in at number eight we have the London Royal Ravens who had a very respectable last season. They finished sixth overall and fourth at champs. I enjoyed watching this squad play last season and think that they have a chance to prove some people wrong, and to win some series. I don’t have problems with them as much as others, but I just want to see how they stack up to some of the newer competition before I believe in them. 

7. New York Subliners: Clayster, ZooMaa, Mack, HyDra. The Subliners had an alright season last year that culminated with them finishing fifth overall. I liked their team that they had, and the reason that I have them at 7 is because I just don’t know how well this group is going to play together once the season gets going. I have trust in the four individual players and how talented they are, especially Clayster, but I will need to see some chemistry before I can buy into their hype. 

6. LA Thieves: TJHaly, SlasheR, Kuavo, Temp. LA Thieves is a very hot topic right now as they are a new organization to the CDL circuit this season. I personally can see this team make a push for a top 3 finish, but I still think they lack a piece or two to get them to a certain level of a FaZe of Empire. They will be led by SlasheR, who is a great main AR and Kuavo who, to be pretty honest, is quite underrated as a player. He is a great talent for this league and I am excited to see what this organization can do. LA Thieves comes in at number 6. 

5. Florida Mutineers: Skyz, Havok, Owakening, Slacked. The Mutineers performed very well last season, and quite honestly shocked me as to how good they played.  The Mutineers finished third overall last season and have brought back 3 of their players, and have added a great talent in Slacked. I think that they will still perform well this year, but due to a lot of roster turnovers and builds going on in different organizations, I see the Florida Mutineers as a good but not great team this season as they are still missing a piece it seems. They have the potential to win an event or two, but who knows? Florida Mutineers come in at number 5 in our preseason rankings. 

4. Minnesota Røkkr: Attach, Accuracy, MajorManiak, Priestahh. Røkkr is coming into this season with a chip on their shoulder after finishing the season in 8th place. After watching them a lot last season, they seemed to play well together but could never get the job done. In the offseason, they have gone and picked up an entirely new team, which I really like. Maniak and Priestahh are coming off of great seasons with Atlanta FaZe, which they helped to get to the championship. Minnesota Røkkr comes in at number four.

3. OpTic Chicago: Scump, Formal, Envoy, Dashy. This team performed well as a squad last season and finished fourth overall. I really enjoy watching this organization and we all know how menacing Scump can be, but Envoy is also a really top-tier talent that can lead this team and push them further into the postseason. After that duo, you mix in Dashy and Formal and you have the recipe for a really nasty team when the lights come on. OpTic Chicago comes in at number three. 

2. Dallas Empire: Crimsix, Huke, Shotzzy, iLLeY. Dallas Empire finished first at champs last season, beating Atlanta FaZe in the finals.  After this offseason, it was speculated that they would move a lot of pieces around and not be as competitive, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. They have a dynamic duo in Huke and Shotzzy, followed by who some refer to as the GOAT and, MVP of 2020 Champs,  in Crimsix. Dallas is second in our power rankings but I could see them taking the championship home this season.

1. Atlanta FaZe: Arcitys, aBeZy, Simp, Cellium. This might come as a surprise to people as FaZe comes in at first in our Pre-season rankings. Atlanta will still be coming in first because although they lost great players in Maniak and Priestahh, they have added Arcitys via Huntsmen (Now OpTic Chicago) and will be looking to finish the job at champs in 2021. Atlanta FaZe is first in our pre-season power rankings. 

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