Game Review: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a limitless game full of gory fighting, game changing choice making, and incredible views of Medieval England’s vast landscape. Valhalla follows the same open world concept that both Origins and Odyssey have followed allowing for hours upon hours of adventure and action. In addition, Valhalla is a character building game that allows for Eivor to develop based on the choices he or she makes, depending on what gender you decide to be before you begin gameplay. 

These choices allow for other characters in the game to form opinions about Eivor which will change the future outcome when interacting with that certain character later on in the game. Therefore, Eivor is meant to build a reputation across England, whether that be good or bad, you get to choose the path Eivor takes to glory, riches, and more. 

The hand-to-hand combat in my opinion is one of the best in Assassin’s Creed’s history. It leaves behind the mythological god-like powers acquired in Odyssey and adds the stereotypical ruthless viking combat to conquer any enemy that stands in Eivor’s way. Unlike both Origins and Odyssey, there isn’t an abundance of loot across England’s landscape. Instead of picking up a piece of armor or a weapon from every chest and corpse, these loot items hold a much higher value due to the strenuous obstacles Eivor has to surpass in order to acquire such items. These loot items are also much rarer because each loot item has its own unique characteristics that Eivor is able to to upgrade by finding different ore ingots around the map, ultimately making the game much harder than the previous Creed games. 

Though Valhalla is a great game, it has to have its cons. As you progress through the game, you will notice an abundance of bugs that don’t completely hinder your gameplay but they will certainly get annoying. Personally, these bugs were small and I was able to look past them, but these bugs could be annoying for other gamers trying to find completely fluid gameplay. 

Overall, I would say this game blows the last two Assassins Creeds out of the water in terms of following an Assassin’s Creed plotline and gameplay, even though it doesn’t beat. Odyssey’s landscape. I would rate this game a 9/10 and would recommend it to anyone who loves combat, history, incredible graphics, adventure, and extensive gameplay.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla XBOX ONE / XBOX SERIES X

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