What We Need To See In The Next Star Wars Battlefront


In this new golden age of Star Wars, with various new movies and shows set to premiere this decade, the one big thing that has not yet been announced is Star Wars Battlefront 3. After a failed launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2017, plagued by a lootbox scandal which led to EA receiving the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit, EA cannot afford to screw up the launch of Battlefront 3. Even though Battlefront 2 was able to make a turn around through various DLCs, I will be discussing some key things Battlefront 3 needs to do in order to unite the fan base and capitalize on Star Wars’ current momentum.

#1 – Star Wars Battlefront 3 Needs To Be Clone Wars Only.


I don’t think this should be a controversial opinion at all. If EA truly wants to capitalize on the most popular aspect of Star Wars, the next Battlefront needs to be Clone Wars only. Looking back at Battlefront 2017, it did a good job with implementing Clone Wars content, but it did not go far enough at all. Notably, the game only had 5 Clone Wars Maps(Felucia, Geonosis, Naboo, Kamino, and Kashyyyk) and had very few game modes. Clone Wars is by far the most popular aspect of Star Wars and it’s what the fans want.

Just look at the fact that Clone Wars Season 7 was the most streamed show of 2020. In fact, Clone Wars Season 7 was so popular, Disney ordered a continuation of the series which will premiere on Disney+ later this year, titled “The Bad Batch.” This show will take place shortly before the events of Order 66 in the perspective of Clone Force 99 and continue the storyline afterwards as well, in the animation style of Clone Wars Season 7. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll realize why many fans are simply calling it ”Clone Wars Season 8.” In addition to the fact that Clone Wars is the most popular aspect of Star Wars, we’ve already had a Battlefront game be Original Trilogy only(Battlefront 2015) and people aren’t exactly wanting Sequel Trilogy content.

Like myself, it bothered many fans that there were no Era playlists for Battlefront 2017 primarily Galactic Assault and other game modes. If EA wants to be smart with Battlefront 3, they need to make it Clone Wars only. It doesn’t even have to be titled “Battlefront 3”, it could just be titled “Battlefront: Clone Wars” or something like that.

#2 – Battlefront 3 Needs Keep And Improve Upon Battlefront 2017’s Reinforcement And Hero System.


A couple big things the next Battlefront needs to fix are the hero and reinforcement systems. Looking back at Battlefront 2015, the reinforcement system was frankly unfair the way it was designed in the form of hero pickups and reinforcements being the way of “first come, first serve” with random pickups across the map. Nothing infuriated me more than going on a 10 player kill streak, only for a noob camping the hero token spawn with 0 kills and 7 deaths getting the hero pickup. The way it was designed was infuriating and unfair.

Battlefront 2017 did a fantastic job making it a point based system, but the 1 flaw in the system that needs to be fixed in Battlefront 3 is if you acquired enough points to be a hero, it should then have asked you if you wanted to become a hero. Players like myself often found themselves on great kills streaks and on top of the leaderboard, only to die and realize the guy in 3rd place with 4 kills took the hero. Just like Battlefront 2005, the next Battlefront should keep the 2017 hero and reinforcement system, but it needs to ask you if you want to become a hero if you have enough points.

#3 – Battlefront 3 Needs To Scrap The Class System In Favor Of The Load Out System.


I simply can’t overstate how little I enjoyed the Battlefront 2017 class system compared to Battlefront 2015’s personalized load out system. One of my biggest problems with Battlefront 2017, which is why I enjoyed Battlefront 2015 more, is how the game just felt like there was little to no personalization for your classes. If you got a new Clone skin like the Shock Trooper, great, but since there was no Era playlist for Galactic Assault and a single game of Capital Supremacy could literally go on for hours at a time, it felt like you would play your character’s new load out or skin once, then wouldn’t play it again for hours at a time. It truly sucked.

On top of that, the officer class in Battlefront 2017 was incredibly overpowered and the classes certainly were not balanced, which is the number 1 reason why I enjoyed Battlefront 2015’s combat system more. In Battlefront 3, you would just have Clones and Droids, aside from reinforcements and heroes, and could have the same unlockable/buyable guns and star cards for both factions with customizable load-outs like in Battlefront 2015. You could even bring back Hutt contracts from Battlefront 2015, which were one of my favorite aspects of that game.

One of my least favorite things about Battlefront 2017 was the total lack of weapons in the game, which is why it’s honestly my least favorite Battlefront of all time. Sure, the graphics are amazing, but the gameplay was subpar because of the class system and lack of guns. In Battlefront 2015, you had almost 30 guns to choose from, while in Battlefront 2017 you had 4 per class.

That is completely unacceptable for a Star Wars game, and it’s part of the reason why the average Battlefront player walked away from the game shortly after its disastrous launch, never to return. 2017 was also missing iconic blasters, like the EE3 and the DL44 for non-hero classes. Battlefront 3 must return to the customizable load outs of Battlefront 2015 for combat in order to be a successful game.

#4 – Battlefront 3 Needs A Season Pass, Campaign, And A Battle Royale


The biggest reason why Battlefront 2’s launch was deemed a failure was primarily due to its disastrous and greedy inclusion of loot boxes and locking basic heroes such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader behind $80 paywalls and giving the worst response in the history of Reddit about “Players having a sense of pride and accomplishment” when they unlocked those heroes.  I expect that EA has somewhat learned its lesson from what happened with Battlefront 2, otherwise Disney might not be forgiving this time and could possibly take away the Star Wars video game license from them all together.

That being said, here are a couple major things EA could do to make players happy, while still making a profit. The biggest one I can think of is a battle pass. The possibility of Battlefront 3 having a battle pass is almost a certainty, and I imagine that the next Battlefront will launch with a battle pass available. This could be a great way to include different cosmetic skins for clone troopers, droids, reinforcements, and different skins for our favorite heroes as well. Aside from a battle pass, I think it is also necessary for the game to include some type of campaign as well.

Star Wars should use this opportunity wisely, as this would give them a great chance to finish telling some of the unfinished tales of The Clone Wars, such as the Bad Batch on Kashyyyk, the separatist invasion of Coruscant, or a campaign centered around the clone commandos of Delta Squad. Lastly, EA would be foolish to not capitalize on adding a Battle Royale mode to Battlefront 3. More so, the Battle Royale mode wouldn’t even need to be Clone Wars only. EA could use it as an opportunity to add on content from the sequels, original trilogy, and TV shows.

They could add the ability to unlock Mandalorian, Stormtrooper, or rebel skins as well for your Battle Royale characters. Imagine running squads on Kashyyyk, Coruscant, Mandalore, or Geonosis with your friends, with your entire squad being Mandalorians, Shock Troopers, or Shadow troopers. As of now, we can only hope and dream for something like that. If EA successfully created a Battlefront Battle Royale game mode, it would suffice to say it could easily rival Warzone in terms of popularity.

#5 What Game Modes Battlefront 3 Needs


One of my biggest disappointments about Battlefront 2017 was that it did not have an actual conquest mode, classic heroes vs. villains, droid run, true walker assault, or ground-to-space combat. In terms of no conquest mode, I believe that made the majority of the fan base mad. There were no 64 player game modes in Battlefront 2017, which I believe is unacceptable today considering that’s now on the lower end of player capacity in online, multiplayer game modes. Games today, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, are 100 people for online, while games such as Warzone are up to 150 people in online matches.

For the next Battlefront to not include a single game mode of 64 players or more would be catastrophic. In terms of actual game modes we need, true 32 vs 32 online conquest without bots is an absolute must. I was honestly disappointed with how capital supremacy turned out in Battlefront 2017, as the game mode was so broken since it could actually last for hours at a time if no team destroyed the opposing team’s capital ship, while it was also only 20 vs 20 and had online bots since it wasn’t 32 vs 32. Capital supremacy was not and is not true conquest.

One thing I will put down in stone is if EA refuses to give players 32 vs 32 online conquest for the 3rd straight time, they deserve to lose the Star Wars license. I get that ground-to-space combat might be hard to do, but not at least giving us conquest would be unacceptable and the final straw for most of the fan base who have been disappointed with EA’s last 2 Battlefront games thus far. The fan base has been asking for conquest for years now, and if Battlefront 2005 can do it, Battlefront 3 can do it. Not including conquest would be the death blow to EA’s Battlefront series. In addition to conquest, some other game modes to definitely consider bringing back from previous games into Battlefront 3 would be droid run, cargo, sabotage, heroes vs villains, supremacy, and walker assault.

Walker assault with the uplinks from Battlefront 2015 was actually quite fun, and finding a way to implement it back into a new Battlefront in the form of separatist Supertanks or AT-TEs would be a very enjoyable game mode. Other game modes to consider bringing back are cargo, sabotage, and droid run, which were in Battlefront 2015 and very fun, which were not featured in Battlefront 2017. Battlefront 3 should also consider adding both classic heroes vs villains from Battlefront 2015, and heroes vs villains from Battlefront 2017, which was basically just hero blast. Lastly, Battlefront 3 needs to have a key feature I think most fans would love, which is offline-galactic conquest, similar to that of Battlefront 2005’s galactic conquest.

#6 What Content Battlefront 3 Needs

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 7.03.14 PM.png

Although Battlefront 2017 was able to give us multiple DLC maps from the Clone Wars, such as Geonosis and Felucia, Battlefront 3 needs to go even further. For a Battlefront Clone Wars game to be complete in the eyes of Star Wars fans, it must have some key maps, most of which Battlefront 2017 lacked. The key maps I believe a Clone Wars Battlefront must have are the following:

– Coruscant(Underworld, Surface level, Senate building, and the Jedi Temple)
– Mustafar
– Naboo(Theed, Palace Hangar, and Swamp)
– Kamino
– Geonosis
– Utapau
– Kashyyyk

Some of these were never in Battlefront 2017, which is why Battlefront 3 needs to add them. Although these are the maps I definitely think need to be in Battlefront 3 at launch, I do have a list of maps I think need to be added in future free seasons for the battle pass in the form of DLCs. They are:
– Felucia
– Ryloth
– Mandalore
– Anaxes
– Hypori
– Mon Cala
– Mygeeto
– Lola Sayu
– Christophsis

There are tons of maps you could add from the Clone Wars/Prequel era, which is why it’s the best era for a Battlefront game. In terms of heroes and reinforcements, there are also many you could add. Notably missing from Battlefront 2017 were Ahsoka Tano, Jango Fett, Asajj Ventress, Mace Windu, Cad Bane, Padme Amidala, Kit Fitso, Kai-Adi Mundi, Savage Oppress, Pre Vizsla, and many others. The same can be said for reinforcements, such as Magnaguards, AT-DP’s, Droid Enforcer Tanks(AKA the Droid Snail Tank), Homing Spider Tanks, Spider Droids, and Droid Gunships, all of which were missing from Battlefront 2017.


Aside from the fact that EA hasn’t yet announced plans for Battlefront 3, even though they need to soon to capitalize on all the new Star Wars content from the movies and shows releasing, considering how EA has only made 4 Star Wars games for console/pc in the 8 years they’ve had the Star Wars license, I wouldn’t past them to not make anymore Star Wars Battlefront games. Truth be told, I have zero faith EA will even make a good Star Wars Battlefront 3 if they even make another one. EA has truly wasted the Star Wars video game license in the 8 years they’ve had it and Disney should NOT let them renew it in 2023.

Largely due to the backlash EA received from Battlefront 2017, Disney greenlighted the returned of LucasArts video game studios in 2019, known for publishing The Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Republic Commando, and the original Star Wars Battlefronts. This makes me happy because perhaps LucasArts will make their own Star Wars Battlefront that is Clone Wars only in the next few years. There’s no confirmation yet that LucasArts will start making video games again, but I have much more faith that LucasArts will make better video games than EA.

A Star Wars video game with a similar concept to that of GTA 5 or COD: Warzone would easily gross $1 billion a year in profit and be one of the most popular video games on the market, but the fact that Electronic Arts hasn’t even attempted to make a video game like that, as we’re nearing the end of their 10 year Star Wars license contract which expires in 2023, really just shows how they’ve pathetically wasted the Star Wars license Disney gave to them and why they do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES deserve to have it renewed.

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  1. Battlefront 3 does not need to be only Clone Wars. As much as I like it the entire point of Battlefront is that it is supposed to be a game where the major battles of Star Wars are shown not just one era.
    The class system in my opinion was better than the loadouts system. Yes they do need more weapons and player customization but the class system made it to where everyone’s class was different.
    Battlefront 3 does not need a seasons pass. They model they used for Battlefront 2 is the best because the player base isn’t split between different maps or modes. It also locks things behind a paywall instead of progression. Battlefront 3 does need a campaign and while I don’t expect it to be the main focus I do hope it would be Clone Wars. The game also doesn’t need a battle royal it would be cool maybe but there are plenty of BR’s and it wouldn’t make sense in the Star Wars canon. Map wise yes I agree we need to see some of those maps I would be fine if they even reused the maps from Battlefront 2 and than created some more on the same planets.

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