FIFA 21: An Improvement from Previous Years

FIFA 21 has made a lot of major improvements that have caught the eyes of many of the games returning players. Starting first with my favorite game mode which is FIFA Career Manager Mode. The major changes we have seen this year has to do with the negotiations with players as well as playing the actual games. We saw the institution of the Loan with the Option to Buy, which adds a different dimension to transfers as a whole by adding a lot more offers coming in for younger players to really boosts different teams.

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The game also added a new feature for being able to sim the match without actually playing. Instead of instantly jumping to the result like in previous years, now you are able to watch the game progress and are able to jump back into the game at any point with ease. The final improvement to this game mode is the institution of the player development plans. This allows you to train certain aspects of the player rather than having to upgrade them as a whole. You also can switch their position in the development in order to fit them better into your squad. 

Now moving over to the other most popular game mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, there have also been many changes that we have seen from previous years. The one major improvement that I have noticed is the removal of Fitness Items which makes it a lot easier to manage your squad. In previous years you would have to worry not only about player contracts but would have to manage their fitness at the same time which is very difficult if you are playing many games back-to-back.

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The removal of this allows for less overall management of your squad. Finally, this game offers a lot more freedom in customizing your club and stadium than in previous years. You are now able to not only choose which stadium you’d like, you also get to pick what the stands look like, and if you want to add any certain features such as statues, seat colors, pitch patterns, etc. The game also included a club anthem and crowd chants to really include those fans during your home games. 

As for the overall gameplay we saw many improvements small and large that really improved from last year. We saw the improvement of dribbling through a feature that allows you to escape closing defenders more easily, however this works better with players who are more prone to dribbling and taking defenders one against one. The entire passing aspect this year has seemed to improve with cleaner through balls, runs being made, and the overall technique used. This allows for better goal movements and in turn makes you progress as a player. 

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My personal advice and thoughts on this game are it is a huge step up from previous years. I felt like for the past three to four years, it was the same game being released every year, and the gameplay was going downhill each year. However, this year FIFA made major improvements that I feel brought many of their players back. One thing I will say is that if you are not interested in either Career mode or FIFA Ultimate Team, I would not recommend this game because I feel those are the two primary game modes that have people returning to play.

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